How to reinstall OS (Linux or Windows) on supermicro with IPMI?


OS Installation from Virtual Media

- Login to your IPMI (you should have IP address of IPMI and the credentials). To begin, open your favorite FireFox browser (we recommend) and go to


then accept all warnings and error messages for SSL certificate and add an exception for the IP. After login you should see:

- Click on Remote console preview image to start iKVM java application (you should have Java VM 1.6 installed)

   * Click Virtual Media menu Item and select Virtual Media from drop down menu

   * if iKVM is unable to connect and shows an error message, reset it from the maintenance tab of IPMI home page or reset the IPMI module (it could take up to 2 minutes and you will not be able to connect to IPMI during this time).

   * Go to CDROM&ISO tab

   * Select ISO file in Logical Drive type drop down

   * Press Open Image

   * Select your ISO with your OS installer and press open

   * Click Plug In

Now your ISO is in the Virtual CDROM and ready to boot.

- Click On RESET button from main page of IPMI (see screenshot 1).

- Go back to iKVM java application and periodically press the F11 key while server boots to pull up the boot menu.

- Select IPMI Virtual CDROM and press Enter

- Proceed with your favorite OS installation.

NOTE: Do not close java iKVM application during the OS installation process, it will “eject” your virtual CDROM.

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